Doppler Wind Lidar Won the Bidding for the Project of WWP on Offshore Wind Power Station of China Southern Power Grid Company

NEWS 发表人:admin 发布时间:2017-05-15

On May 12, 2017, our Doppler Wind Lidar won the bidding for the project of WWP(Wind Power Prediction) on offshore wind power station of China Southern Power Grid Company. It will be used for the data acquisition, reception and analysis.

The system of WWP is an important method of predicting the electricity-generating capacity in the future, an essential condition to promote healthy development of the industrial of wind power generation. This lidar project provides the system of WWP with basic data and solution.

 Doppler Wind Lidar is a device which can be used for wind measurement, real-time data acquisition and transmission. As the industrial-leading supplier, Qingdao Aerospace Seaglet can provide project design, data evaluation and data acquisition of the lidar wind measurement etc. according the demand of users.




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